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New hospital construction updates

St. Louis replacement hospital

The planned facility, located on 3.75 acres at the corner of Clayton and Newstead on the BJC HealthCare campus, will replace the current 50-year-old hospital located in Frontenac.This will be the third facility for Shriners Hospitals for Children in St. Louis since opening in 1924. Plans for the new 90,000 square foot hospital include 12 inpatient beds, three surgical suites, and 18 clinic examination rooms. It also features enhanced space for its clinical research center for metabolic bone diseases and more room for same-day surgery patients. Other additions to benefit patients are nine rooms for outpatient family housing, a state of the art interactive and educational activity area and dedicated space for collaborative research with Washington University scientists.

Construction updates - February 14, 2014

Watch our construction!

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To learn more about this project contact:

Tammy Robbins
Director of Public & Community Relations
Telephone: 314-872-7837

Terri S. Andrews
Development Officer III
Telephone: 314-692-6430

Construction updates

January 27, 2015 -  Opening date and dedication ceremony delayed for new Shriners Hospital

The planned opening date for the new Shriners Hospitals for Children has been postponed, officials with the St. Louis hospital announced yesterday.

In addition, the dedication ceremony for the new facility, originally planned for Saturday, April 11, is being rescheduled.

Original plans called for the hospital to be dedicated on Saturday, April 11, and admitting the first patients to the new building on Monday, April 13. However, the hospital suffered significant water damage in mid-January, resulting in the delay. Clean-up of the damage and demolition of affected areas has concluded.

While a specific date for project completion has yet to be determined, it is estimated that substantial completion will occur in April, about two months later than originally scheduled.

Dates for the dedication ceremony and opening day have yet to be decided. Hospital officials plan to release more information in approximately two weeks.

February 2014 - We had a chance to visit the construction site for our new replacement hospital yesterday, and the progress is outstanding!

One more thing, we apologize that the web cam is no longer available on the hospital web site. It's all due to technical glitches in migrating to our new website. We're on the case, though!


November 27, 2013 - Work continues on our new hospital with mechanical and electrical rough-in in the basement. The mechanical contractor (C&R Mechanical) has set the air-handling unit in the basement. MEPFP equipment has started to be delivered and will continue to be delivered and set over the next two months.

In the Penthouse, concrete will be placed for the mechanical housekeeping pads (for AHU's) next week. The four AHU's in the penthouse will be delivered and installed in early January.

On Level one, underground rough-in is complete for the slab on grade area, slab on grade is scheduled to be poured early next week. This is the final building slab to be placed. MEPFP contractors have started layout of the overhead utilities with duct work and piping installation to start in the coming two to three weeks. Some metal stud framing has been installed at locations where it is in close proximity to the OH utilities (duct work).

On Level 3, MEPFP contractors are scheduled to start the layout of OH utilities in early December. Duct work and piping installation is scheduled to start by the end of December or early January. Some stud framing will also be installed at specific locations where the wall is in close proximity to the OH utilities (primarily duct work).

On the exterior envelope, architectural precast concrete has been installed at the east and south elevations. Precast installation on the building is scheduled to be complete tomorrow! Metal stud framing started at the beginning of the month with framing at level two, roof parapet wall and penthouse. Exterior sheathing has started to be installed at the penthouse and will continue to be installed at level two and parapet as the framing progresses. Installation of the roof is scheduled to start on Monday, December 2nd, beginning with the penthouse roof and moving thereafter to the low roof. Work on the curtain wall is scheduled to start by the middle of December beginning at the east and south elevations.

October 25, 2013 - A recent visit to the construction site for our new replacement hospital revealed a lot of exciting progress. Concrete has been poured on all three floors of the hospital and structural steel for the building is complete. This week, they’ve been spraying fireproofing on the steel structure (if you drive past the building, you’ll notice that some of the steel looks gray. That’s the fireproofing). Today, we were able to see the column for the base of the hospital’s sign – which faces Interstate 64/40 – installed. The 68-foot column weighs 13,500 pounds!

Upcoming milestone for the building include:

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August 1, 2013 - The construction project is really starting to get momentum! Throughout the month of August, steel structure efforts will ramp up and start to become a visual representation of the new home for Shriners Hospitals for Children® — St. Louis. Be sure to check the web cam daily as progress will start happening fast!

In other exciting news, the new fence wrap is officially up and around the construction site on the Clayton Avenue side of the project, announcing our arrival in the neighborhood.

Project Timeline:

Structural Steel Efforts to Start in August!

July 17, 2013 - Excavation and grading activities of the basement and building pad were completed May 17, allowing drilled piers and building foundations to start. Drill rigs were delivered to the project site on Monday, May 20, with drilling of the first pier starting on Tuesday, May 21.

Construction update photo July 2013Drilling of the piers has posed its challenges as weathered (non-competent) rock has been encountered at a higher elevation on average than indicated in the geotechnical report.

Foundation began the week of June 10 while the first foundation wall located at the east side of the basement was placed on Monday, June 17.

Foundations continued through the month of June with a scheduled completion by mid-July.

Structural steel is currently in fabrication and scheduled to start by mid- to late-July, starting over the basement area. Underground rough-in will also start by mid-July in the main level and basement as areas become available from the foundation activities.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination continues with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection contractors. Currently the contractors are finishing up the basement coordination.

May 20, 2013 - Our building site, formerly a parking lot, has transformed into a project site with a hole dug for the foundation! View our progress.

Our building site, formerly a parking lot, has transformed into a project site with a hole dug for the foundation! .

Prior to pouring the lower level foundation, the construction team will dig several narrow holes in the ground ane large cylinder shape frames called piers will be dropped in the holes and filled with concrete. Once this is complete, workers will begin filling in the rest of the foundation.

In addition to the lower level work, the second entrance to the hospital parking area has been made. This entrance is located off of Newstead Avenue.

Mike Hanner, our project manager from S.M. Wilson and Company tells us that the site/building will be changing more rapidly in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted with photos and updates!

The web cam is only a few weeks away from being launched…stay tuned!

April 25, 2013 - Shortly after our goundbreaking ceremony, which was hosted by our patient ambassadors, excavation equipment was mobilized to the project site and SM Wilson and their contractors began demolition. After a slight delay waiting for the big snow (12 inches) of Sunday, March 23rd to melt, the demolition began with the removal of the asphalt parking lot, bus shelter, light poles/fixtures and trees. Grading of the site began the week of April 1 and excavation of the basement is now underway.

A concrete contractor is scheduled to start a section of the parking lot at the north end of the site, which will allow job site trailers to be set up. Construction of building foundations and concrete piers is scheduled to begin in May. Construction is continuting even though we have had several delays due to the large amount of rain that has fallen on St. Louis during the last couple of weeks. We are thinking we might be calling the site “Lake Shriners!”