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Scoliosis and spine care

Our expertise in scoliosis and spine care is internationally renowned. From common idiopathic adolescent scoliosis to the most complex young spine deformities, we believe each child deserves an individualized treatment plan utilizing the most advanced and innovative techniques. We have extensive experience in management strategies for patients of all ages and for all types of scoliosis ranging from casting for infantile scoliosis to definitive fusion in adolescents. We also provide growth-friendly solutions for children who require corrective surgery, but who are too young for spinal fusion procedures.

Jacques D’Astous, M.D., trained with British orthopaedic surgeon Min H. Mehta, M.D., F.R.C.S., who introduced the early treatment EDF (elongation, derotation, flexion) casting technique, often referred to as Mehta or Risser casting. Dr. D’Astous has been using this technique for more than 15 years and has an international reputation in the treatment of infantile scoliosis. John Heflin, M.D., one of our orthopaedic spine specialists, also works closely with our scoliosis population and has extensive training in spinal deformity. Steve Santora, M.D., is another on-staff orthopaedic spine specialist with more than 20 years’ clinical practice, focusing on scoliosis surgery and international medicine.

Conditions treated:

Nonsurgical options


Bracing is a nonoperative treatment for idiopathic and nonidiopathic scoliosis.

Serial casting (Mehta, EDF casting)

Serial casting is for infantile scoliosis when the curve is progressive.

Surgical options

Growth friendly systems

Expandable devices used in growing children with scoliosis:

Definitive management