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Shingo Yasuhara, M.D., Ph.D.

Shingo Yasuhara, M.D., Ph.D., is a principal investigator at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston. He is also an assistant professor of anesthesiology in the department of anesthesia, critical care and pain medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Yasuhara is the principal investigator of In Vivo Microscopy Laboratory, with leading projects related to muscle dysfunctions, metabolic disorders related to critical illnesses including burns and congenital disorders such as muscular dystrophy. His research involves studying molecular and physiological mechanisms of these dysfunctions with the aim to establish therapeutic targets in pediatric burn patients.

Dr. Yasuhara’s main research interest is to find the detailed mechanisms of muscle dysfunction and metabolic derangement associated with critical illnesses (such as burn injury in pediatric patients) and congenital muscle diseases including muscular dystrophy and myopathies with the help of novel imaging technologies including in vivo microscopy. The team’s recent special emphasis of research is investigation of the mechanisms of altered autophagy/mitophagy responses in these diseases. Because the in vivo microscopic techniques are novel, unique and versatile, the team is vigorously involved in collaborations with local scholars, both inside and outside of Shriners Hospitals for Children, and international scholars.

Dr. Yasuhara has developed over dozens of new modality of imaging/molecular tools and served pioneering roles in new therapeutics of muscle disease, which resulted in published works in top tier journals such as Journal of Burn Care, and American Journal of Physiology. Dr. Yasuhara’s research program is currently supported by Shriners Research Grant (PI: Yasuhara) and by Grants from NIGMS (Co-Investigator).

Dr. Yasuhara has received numerous awards including:

  • Carl Moyer Award, 1999
  • Society for Pediatric Research Student Award (1st Prize, Mentor), 2007
  • Eastern Society for Society for Pediatric Research Training Award (1st Prize, Mentor), 2007
  • Best in Category Award from American Burn Association Meeting, 2011
  • Best in Category Award from American Burn Association Meeting, 2014
  • Editor, Journal of Burn Care and Research, 2017.

Current positions:

  • Principal Investigator, Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston
  • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School


  • M.D., University of Tokyo, School of Medicine
  • Ph.D., University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine

Scholarly activities: