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Our hospital podcast series

Pediatric Specialty Care Spotlight podcasts from Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago offer interviews with our physicians and clinicians in their areas of pediatric specialty care. Intended for parents, patients families and clinicians.

Educational opportunities for health professionals

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Annual pediatric symposium presented in the spring by Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago in conjunction with University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. The event includes hand-on demonstrations with our Chicago hospital orthopaedic, spine and hand surgery experts.Check back for 2018 information.

Lawrence J. Vogel Pediatric SCI Symposium

This comprehensive annual symposium utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to review pediatric spinal cord injury (SCI) care. Content focuses on current trends specific to SCI, as well as the unique issues of the pediatric population. A variety of clinical concepts and research data is presented. Stay tuned for details on the next SCI symposium coming in 2017.

Interested in hosting a presentation for health care professionals by Shriners Hospital experts?

Physicians at the Chicago Shriners Hospital are available for grand rounds, staff in-services or to speak at conferences. For assistance in scheduling, contact Physician Liaison Cynthia Anderson by email or 773-332-4921.

Rehabilitation professional development seminars

Several courses are available in 2017 at the Chicago Shriners Hospital for physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Information regarding CEUs is available on the website listed for each specific course. To register, visit the website listed for each seminar.

All seminars take place at:

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago
2211 N. Oak Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60707

Free on-site parking is available in our hospital parking lot.

Questions or concerns?
773-385-5574 – To reach our rehabilitation department
773-622-5400 – For general hospital information

The Pediatric Brain

August 25-26, 2017
Hosted by: Education Resources
Workshop information

"This course will provide physical and occupational therapists with a deeper understanding of the complex multi-system involvement of the brain in reflex integration, movement, learning, and daily functioning. The instructor will use innovative and multi-sensory approaches to help participants relate the information to their everyday practice. The instructor strives to provide therapists with a new perspective to demonstrate the importance of addressing visual dysfunction within their vestibular treatment. Participants will review real life cases through video to enhance understanding of the material. At the end of this two-day course, therapists will have a proficient functional knowledge of neuroanatomy and the visual-vestibular systems in the dysfunctional pediatric population, and immediately utilize this knowledge to augment their current practice."

Kinesio Taping® fundamentals and advanced (KT1 & KT2)

September 23-24, 2017
Hosted by: Rehab Education
Workshop information

"KT1 Fundamental Concepts, Screening/Muscle Test, & Muscle Applications (To be taken in conjunction with KT2)
Learn the fundamental concepts of the Kinesio Taping method and the unique properties and use of Kinesio® Tex Tape. Lab sessions provide ample time to practice screening and muscle testing created for the enhancement of your KT skills and muscle applications for both the upper and lower body. Upon completion of KT1, participants will be able to apply the Kinesio Taping® Method to relax overuse syndromes, stimulate weak muscles and decrease pain and swelling.

KT2 Advanced Concepts & Corrective Techniques (Upon completion qualifies for KTA Level 2 membership)
KT2 builds on material learned in KT1. Learn about the six corrective techniques (mechanical, functional, space, fascia, ligament/tendon and lymphatic) and discuss their application in a variety of clinical conditions. Lab sessions provide ample time to practice applying these techniques to a variety of upper and lower body conditions. Upon completion of KT2, participants will be able to discuss and apply the KT Method to orthopedic & neurological conditions."

Kinesio Taping clinical concepts and advanced whole body applications of the Kinesio Taping method (KT3)

December 2, 2017
Hosted by: Rehab Education
Workshop information

(Pre-requisite: completion of KTA approved KT1 and KT2 courses. Upon completion, qualifies for KTA Level 3 membership)
"The KT3 course combines the Kinesio Taping Method foundational concepts of KT1 & KT2 with advanced clinical concepts. The course provides lab time for attendees to practice their skills on the new concepts through a variety of clinical applications. The KT3 course is designed to allow the Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor (CKTI) to cater specific clinical applications to address specific professions. Upon completion of this course and prerequisite KT1&KT2 seminar, attendees will be eligible to request and take the exam to become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)."

Kinesio Taping specialty pediatric concepts of the Kinesio Taping method (KT4)

December 3, 2017
Hosted by: Rehab Education
Workshop information

"The KT4 Pediatrics course is designed to provide advanced Kinesio Taping techniques and problem-solving to physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and other health professionals specializing in pediatrics."

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