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Kim gives back to childhood hospital that treated her limb difference

Kim gives back to childhood hospital that treated her limb difference

When a Chicago financial services company wanted to host a party for patients at the Chicago Shriners Hospital, the planning was personal for one of their staff. Kim, who works on the firm’s corporate social responsibility team, was an orthopaedic patient of the hospital throughout her childhood.  “I remember the playroom, lots of doctors, friendly people…I got my first prosthetics here,” Kim said.

The Wisconsin native, 26, was born with a congenital limb deficiency, a fancy way of saying her left arm below the elbow did not develop. Her parents brought her to the Chicago Shriners Hospital where Jeffrey Ackman, M.D., specializes in children with limb differences and prosthetics. Kim received care and therapy, along with prosthetic devices. As an adult, like many with lower arm differences, she has chosen not to use a prosthetic device in her daily life.

Her work brought Kim to Chicago in the last few years and to her position as corporate social responsibility senior associate. She worked with the hospital’s volunteer services coordinator, Mary McCauley, to organize a summer “beach party” in the hospital backyard. There were games, giant bubbles and plenty of fun food items for patients and their siblings.

During the party, hospital staff surprised Kim with a visit from Dr. Ackman, her childhood physician. “I remember her mom and dad. Kim always had an engaging positive outlook, a can-do attitude. Makes me feel a little old, but that’s ok,” joked Dr. Ackman. The two discussed her family and her career. “It’s so nice to be back. And it is really cool to bring my story full circle. I have lots of great memories here,” said Kim.

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