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Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis

4400 Clayton Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110

St. Louis, MO


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Meet our team

The medical staff at Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis include board-certified physicians, internationally recognized for their skill and the innovative treatment of complex problems of the bones, joints and muscles.

A majority of the physicians on our staff are faculty members of the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, teaching and training tomorrow's physicians, and fully dedicated to publication and research, advancing medical knowledge in their chosen specialties.

Chief of Staff
Scott Luhmann, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Hand, Arm and Shoulder
Charles Goldfarb, M.D.
Lindley Wall, M.D. 

Hip, Knee and Leg
John Clohisy, M.D.
J. Eric Gordon, M.D.
Jeffrey Johnson, M.D.
Mark Miller, M.D.
Jeffrey Nepple, M.D.
Perry Schoenecker, M.D.

J. Eric Gordon, M.D.
Pooya Hosseinzadeh, M.D.
Perry Schoenecker, M.D.

Munish C. Gupta, M.D.
Brian Kelly, M.D.
Michael Kelly, M.D.
Scott Luhmann, M.D.

Charles Huddleston, M.D.

Center for Metabolic Bone Disease and Molecular Research
Gary Gottesman, M.D
Michael Whyte, M.D., Medical/Scientific Director

Other Orthopaedic/Neuromuscular Conditions/Services
Douglas McDonald, M.D.

Neurological Surgery
David Limbrick, Ph.D./M.D.
Jennifer Strahle, M.D.

Pediatric Medical Genetics
Dorothy Grange, M.D.

Pediatric Surgery
Martin Keller, M.D.

Other Medical Conditions/Services

Jacob AuBuchon, M.D.
Kelly Chilson, M.D.
Thomas Cox, M.D.
Julie Drobish, M.D.
James Fehr, M.D.
Rosemary Foster, M.D.
Preeta George, M.D.
Russell Groener, M.D.
Tessa King, M.D.
Catherine Krucylak, M.D.
John McAllister, M.D.
Robert Moore, M.D.
David Murray, M.D.
Joan Niehoff, M.D.
Daniel Nieva, M.D.
Eduardo Reina, M.D.
Angela Saettele, M.D.
Charles Schrock, M.D.
James Serot, M.D.
Sonia Shahrawat, M.D.
Anshuman Sharma, M.D.
John Spitler, M.D.
Ashley Weinhold, M.D.
Timothy Welch, M.D.
Anna Young, M.D.

Plastic Surgery
Kamlesh Patel, M.D.
Alison Snyder-Warwick, M.D.

David J. Callahan, M.D.
Paul Golumbek, Ph.D., M.D.
Sheel Pathak, M.D.

Mark Rallo, M.D.

Raymond Maciejewski, M.D.
Kalugotla Shivaram, M.D.

Thomas Herman, M.D.
Gene Spector, M.D.

Kevin Baszis, M.D.
Andrew White, M.D.

Douglas Coplen, M.D.

Nurse Practitioners
Amanda Gallagher, CPNP-PC
Dawn Helfrich, PNP
Allison Hotze, CPNP
Ericka Louer, FNP
Chelsea Masters, FNP
Jane Michener, RN, CPNP
Sharon Nugent, RN, CPNP

Patient Care Services Leadership
Josephine B. Holtz, RN Director, Patient Care Services
Amber Raasch, Director of Laboratory Services
Jeffrey Cole, Director of Pharmacy
Donna Griffin, Director, Rehab Services
Barbara Hancher, Nurse Manager, Inpatient Nursing
Denise Paris, Nurse Manager, Center for Metabolic Bone Disease and Molecular Research
Michael Outlaw, Director of Surgical Services
Kristina Porter, Director, Care Management and Outpatient Department
Suzy Wagy, Director, Radiology