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Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis

4400 Clayton Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110

St. Louis, MO


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Appointments and admissions

Schedule an appointment

If you are a new patient, make an appointment by calling 1-800-850-2960

If you are an existing patient, make an appointment by calling 314-872-7820

Research has supported the fact that the earlier a child is referred to our hospital, the more positive and significant the long-term outcome is for that child.

We take pride in providing high-quality health care in a family-centered environment. We believe each child is unique and treat each child as such. Our care is personalized for your child and your family. Our teams of health care professionals work very closely together to ensure seamless care for your child. We look forward to serving your child’s needs and hope your child’s stay with us will be a pleasant one. If you have questions, please contact us.

First-time patients

If your child has a condition treated by Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis, please contact our intake/referral coordinator to schedule an appointment. Your intake/referral coordinator will partner with you to gather the necessary information to evaluate whether your child can benefit from care at the St. Louis Shriners Hospital.

Please bring with you:

To schedule, reschedule or cancel a first-time appointment call 800-850-2960 or e-mail.

Medical records

We appreciate receiving your child’s medical records prior to his or her appointment. If you have medical record notes, biopsy slides, lab results, x-ray films, and CT or MRI reports, please mail, fax or bring them with you to your appointment.

Please mail to:
Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis
Attn: Patient Referrals
4400 Clayton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Or fax to:

Outpatient clinic patients

Have you been seen at our hospital before and need to connect with our outpatient clinic? To schedule, reschedule or cancel a follow-up clinic appointment call 314-872-7820.

Information about your clinic visit (outpatients)

If you have any questions, please call patient referrals at 800-850-2960.

Surgery patients

If you have questions about your child's scheduled surgery or the admission process, please call 314-432-3600.

Please notify us if, within three weeks of your surgery admission date, your child experiences symptoms of infectious illness including fever, cough, rash, vomiting, diarrhea or any suspected/known exposure to chicken pox, measles or any other contagious disease/condition.

Surgery pre-admission visit

You can expect a phone call from your care manager one to four weeks prior to your surgery admission date. If for some reason you find it necessary to cancel this admission, please let the outpatient department know as soon as possible. A pre-admission appointment will be scheduled before your admission date.


We will try our best to make your child’s stay with us as easy as possible. Please plan to arrive at the time designated on your admission notice. During this visit you will meet with the admission nurse and nurse practitioner who will review your child’s health history. Although the health history review may seem repetitive, your answers help us give your child the best care possible.

We realize your presence during your child’s stay at the hospital is very reassuring, so we encourage one parent/guardian to stay at the bedside.

Additional rules and tips: