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Feet on the ground

Feet on the ground

Olivia Stamps seemed like every other little girl. Then she started walking, and her parents noticed something unusual—she was walking on her toes.

The diagnosis

Olivia’s family grew accustomed to her condition, until the day Olivia’s mother brought her along for her brother’s immunizations. The doctor, observing Olivia, said, “I think maybe you should take her to see a neurologist. I think she might have cerebral palsy.”

Technology in motion

In a movement analysis lab, high-speed cameras, reflective markers, force platforms and muscle sensors work together to create a computer model of how the child moves. Based on the data, the medical team can then determine a very specific treatment plan for a child with mobility impairment.
“With modern diagnostic techniques and surgical methods we’re able to offer significant treatment options that improve the quality of life and the function of children with Cerebral Palsy.”

- David Westberry, MD Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, SHC, Greenville

“My dream was about trying to get my legs fixed one day so I could fit in with all the other kids and it came true. I can run, play, do whatever I want. Thank you for the surgery and everything you’ve done.”