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Brother bakes brownies to support medical center.

Brother bakes brownies to support medical center.

Alex Pol is a local high school junior whose appreciation for the care his sisters received at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Erie motivated him to start his own fundraising initiative.

Alex’s sisters, ages 15 and 20, have been receiving care at the Erie Medical Center since they were toddlers. They were born with epidermolysis bullosa, an illness that causes the skin to be fragile and more prone to injuries, including painful blisters.

“My sisters have surgery there about every six months,” said Alex. “I wanted to give back to a great organization that has helped our family and millions of others.”

The resolve to support the medical center led Alex to sit down with one of his teachers and brainstorm to determine a way to raise funds. “When we were talking, I had a ‘eureka moment,’” said Alex. Since he enjoys baking, he decided to bake brownies to sell to his classmates. Alex’s parents donated the ingredients for the project, which allowed the full proceeds to benefit the Erie Medical Center.

Over two weeks, Alex spent about 30 hours single‑handedly mixing, baking and cutting more than 1,000 brownies. “The brownies would have to cool overnight so I would get up early in the morning to cut them before school.” He then set up in the school cafeteria and enlisted help so he could sell them through all three lunch periods in order to reach his goal of $250.

Alex said his classmates were so generous, “some kids would give $2 or $5 for a $1 brownie.” His hard work and the generosity of his fellow students paid off. Alex not only reached his $250 goal but surpassed it by almost $1,000, raising $1,200.

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