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A complication during the birthing process left Lindley with a brachial plexus injury (BPI) resulting in Erbs palsy, a condition affecting the movement and sensation of the arm and hand. Lindley’s arm was completely paralyzed for the first few months and her hand twisted inward, the common position for those affected, known as ‘the waiters tip’. She began occupational therapy at age 3 weeks and became a Greenville Shriners Hospital patient right before she turned one.

When Lindley was almost 3, she stopped progressing at her weekly occupational therapy sessions. Her arm would no longer go straight up, even with help. When we returned to the Greenville Shriners Hospital, new X-rays revealed Lindley’s shoulder ball joint was becoming dislocated and coming out the back of the socket. She was quickly scheduled for a laparoscopic tendon release, a surgery to loosen the tightening tendons in the front of her armpit.

On the day of surgery, Lindley was given a Build-a-Bear puppy named Ice Cream, and all sorts of other cool things to make her feel at ease. After her surgery, she was in a liberty cast with her arm bent up at a right angle. Once Lindley got used to her cast, it didn’t hold her back from doing anything she would normally do.

As soon as the cast was removed, Lindley was already able to put her hand on top of her head, unassisted by her other arm! Something she had never done before. Lindley no longer complained of her shoulder hurting and when doing her stretches, we could get her arm straight up – another awesome accomplishment.

We love how family friendly the hospital is and the staff who works there is fantastic. The knowledge of the doctors at the Greenville Shriners Hospital makes it easier to make the difficult decisions. I always feel they have the children’s best interest at heart. Sometimes appointments can take a while but we know it’s because they are trying to give everyone quality treatment while they are visiting and there is always fun stuff for the kids to do while waiting. I think Lindley’s favorite thing about coming is the playground on the ‘roof.’ She has always thought that and the therapy dogs are the coolest.

We are very grateful for the people who make it all possible. We are thankful that people care enough to donate to provide a place for kids to go to get the help they need. We also appreciate the things people donate to make the visits a little more fun and exciting. Thanks for making a fun hospital a possibility for all kids in need. I don’t think Lindley has ever left without a smile on her face.

Now Lindley is 8 years old, and while she still has some challenges, she doesn’t let anything stop her.

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