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Injury care clinic helps young athlete get back on the field

Injury care clinic helps young athlete get back on the field

It wasn’t the first time then 10-year-old Joss had walked through the front door of Shriners Hospitals for Children — Greenville. The daughter of the hospital’s marketing and communications director, she had enjoyed attending fundraising occasions like the Walk for LOVE as well as community events including the hospital’s 90th Birthday Celebration. This time, however, she was coming to the hospital not as an employee’s daughter – but as a patient.

“Joss loves playing soccer, and during practice she twisted her ankle quite badly,” said her mother, Trana. “All of the sudden, I was not a spokesperson for a hospital but instead a concerned parent asking myself without partiality, ‘Where can I go for the very best care for her injury?’ Without hesitation, I genuinely knew it was the Greenville Shriners Hospital.”

With her daughter unable to bear weight on the injured ankle, Trana said she realized how “amazing” it was that all injury care clinic patients are able to secure an appointment within 48 hours. Should a patient’s injury then require an X-ray, casting, physical/occupational therapy or even surgery – all services are available under the same roof.

“I was able to appreciate first-hand how helpful it is that every service my child could possibly need for her injury was here in this building,” Trana said. “There was a continuum of care I could count on – and not just because I work here, but because that is the exact same comprehensive treatment every child who walks through our door receives.”

Trana says she felt reassured with full knowledge that the surgeons and physician assistants are in daily touch with the clinicians in the other departments, making certain that each child not only receives individualized care, but also that all caregivers work in concert to achieve the best results.

After a brief trip to the prosthetics and orthotics department, also located within the hospital, Joss was outfitted with an orthotic boot. Within a matter of weeks, her severe sprain was healed, and the young athlete was back on the playing field, enjoying her favorite sport again with confidence.