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Patient thanks hospital for life-changing cerebral palsy care

Patient thanks hospital for life-changing cerebral palsy care

For patient Caleb, Shriners Hospitals for Children — Greenville will always be one of his favorite places.

Diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, which causes stiffness and tightness in both legs, Caleb became a patient at the Greenville Shriners Hospital when he was 8 years old. Under the care of David Westberry, M.D., Caleb has undergone three surgeries, as well as received continued therapy as he has grown into a cheerful teenager.

“Thanks to the excellent care Caleb has received, he is able to walk without crouching, only uses a wheelchair for long trips, stands for minutes at a time and is independent,” said Caleb’s mom.

Being able to accomplish those tasks makes it easy for Caleb to engage in the activities he enjoys most. Choir practice and performances, participation in his youth group, and high engagement in school activities keeps Caleb on the move.

“There is so much to love about the Greenville Shriners Hospital,” said Caleb’s mom. “They accommodate the children as well as the family, and offer each the support they need.”

Caleb and his mother want others to know that the care at the Greenville Shriners Hospital is “an A+.”

“The team at the hospital only wants the best for the children, and to improve their overall quality of life despite their disabilities,” said Caleb’s mom. “Whether at school, home or doing other activities – they are able to live their best lives.”

Caleb’s mom says she believes that the care he has received has turned him into an independent young man, one whose disability doesn’t paralyze him. "With a positive mindset," she said, "Caleb can do anything he puts his mind to doing, overcoming the many obstacles of a cerebral palsy diagnosis!”

Caleb continues to improve in his mobility and has the ability to do all that interests him regardless of his disability. We know only the best is yet to come for Caleb!