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Queen of the tennis court

Meet Chloe

Queen of the tennis court

Twelve-year-old Chloe is a rock star on the tennis court. She has a passion for the sport, and because of some hurdles in her past, she also has a greater appreciation for the ease with which she can now play.

Born with bilateral hip dysplasia – a malformation of the hip joint – Chloe was put in a Pavlik harness to align her hip joints when she was just 3 days old. For three months, she wore the harness 24 hours a day. Despite the efforts, Chloe’s hips got progressively worse as she grew. In 2013, her pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at the Greenville Shriners Hospital recommended that she have surgery to correct her hips.

Years later, as a vibrant and active soon-to-be teenager, she is thankful for the operations that have helped her thrive.

“I had pins and plates put in both my hips and went through extensive physical therapy,” said Chloe. “It helped me play tennis without worrying about my hips dislocating or other serious problems.”

Last year, Chloe again had surgery on her knees using the hemiepiphysiodesis technique, which gradually corrects angular limb deformities in patients who are skeletally immature. When left uncorrected, such limb deformities can cause changes in gait patterns, joint instability and pain resulting from activity.

For Chloe, these procedures have not only given her peace of mind on the court, but confidence in the future as well.

“It is great knowing that I won’t have hip or knee problems down the road,” she said. “More than that, I feel the hospital is my home and the staff is my family. They always want what is best for you and they strive to make it the best experience.”

Chloe is proof that life may sometimes serve you difficult shots, but with the right teammates and determination, you can always win the match.