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Physician bandaging patient's wrist

About our hospital

See how we care for all kids and their orthopaedic needs from sports injuries to complex conditions. View our hospital overview video to learn more about the specialty services and wraparound care we provide.


Pioneering imaging system

Join our $1 million campaign to acquire Hawaii’s safest imaging system for keiki. Your gift will transform lives!

Orthopaedic expertise

Orthopaedic specialists

Our specialized staff care for children with bone, joint and muscle conditions, sport injuries and neuromuscular disorders.

Leaders in care

Leaders in care

The Honolulu Shriners Hospital is an award-winning leader in orthopaedic and neurodevelopmental care.

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Our care

More stories about our care coming soon.

Meet Our Patients
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Meet our patients

Music therapy for children - Kechi Okwuchi's story

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Indiana mom and daughters helped by same hand surgeon

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