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Five-year-old’s fracture care amazes family

Family delighted with first experience at Honolulu Shriners Hospital

Five-year-old’s fracture care amazes family

While on a trip to Hawaii Island, 5-year-old Eleanor “Elee” slipped and fractured her leg. This was the first time anyone in her family had broken a bone, and the experience proved to be somewhat overwhelming for her entire ‘ohana. The temporary cast that was placed on Elee’s leg caused her a fair amount of discomfort and anxiety, so her pediatrician suggested the family visit Shriners Hospitals for Children — Honolulu for follow-up care.

“From the moment we arrived at Shriners, everyone we interacted with exceeded our expectations and eased Elee’s worry,” recalled her mother, Amanda. “She loved looking at the fish tank while we waited, and the friendliness of the staff changed her attitude completely.”

Elee and her ‘ohana appreciated how hospital staff took time to explain the process to them. “Elee asked questions and began to feel like she was in charge of the process,” said Amanda. Feeling in control of the situation allowed Elee to let go of her fear, and instead she approached everything from a place of curiosity and excitement. She was fascinated by the X-ray showing where her bone had been fractured, and appreciated her doctor’s step-by-step explanation while in the casting room.

After her cast was removed, Elee completed rehabilitation therapy, which helped to get her back to walking and running quickly. She became fast friends with her physical therapists. “Elee felt excited with each visit – she couldn’t wait to show how she had progressed,” recalled Amanda. Elee’s now back to doing what she loves – dancing, swimming, surfing and camping.

Nine months after treatment, Amanda says Elee still talks about her visit and the friends she made. “For our family the experience at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Honolulu was not just about the amazing care we got; it was also about the life lessons we learned, about caring for our community and bringing joy to those who need it – especially when they need it most.”

Elee and her familyElee on horseback