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Surgical tech valued for dependability, commitment to team

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Surgical tech valued for dependability, commitment to team

John Pa has been part of the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Honolulu ‘ohana for more than three decades. He began his career in 1987, fittingly enough, in the operating room, but he was part of the housekeeping team that kept the ORs clean. However, he noticed the positive impact the surgeries made on children’s lives, and John instantly knew he wanted to be part of that change.

“I was inspired by the difference,” he remembered. “I was fortunate that Shriners Hospitals for Children invested in me and provided the opportunity to train at Queen’s Medical Center in their surgical tech training program.”

Upon completing the 11-month program, John returned to the Honolulu Shriners Hospital as a surgical technician, a role he has held since 1994.

His daily responsibilities vary and can include planning with surgeons for upcoming procedures, mentoring new staff members, assisting inpatient and outpatient departments with needs, and collaborating with vendors to ensure that needed equipment and supplies are available for surgery.

“John is an essential part of the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Honolulu ‘ohana. He has proven to be an invaluable member of the surgical services department by not only becoming a highly skilled and dependable surgical technician, but also a resource that surgeons and surgical staff rely on,” said surgical services manager Maria Ress, BSN, RN. “John is a consummate professional and dedicated surgical technician. He is a mentor to the new members of the team and is depended on by the surgeons to have all equipment ready and available.”

Among John’s most notable qualities are the diligence and integrity he practices in preparing each case so that the surgeon has all the required equipment in place, ensuring the case starts on time and runs smoothly.

“He anticipates potential complications and is prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances. His integrity is unparalleled, and he is entrusted to scrub the most challenging cases,” Ress said. “If John says he will do something, everyone knows it will be done and done right the first time. He is impassioned about his duties and always guarantees that everything needed is available. He selflessly volunteers to stay late when needed and is always willing to come in anytime to assist with an unplanned surgery.”

For his efforts, John was named the Employee of the Quarter in late 2020, an honor John accepted with great pride.

“I feel very humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award and that my 33 years’ of commitment to the hospital has been appreciated,” John said. “I have enjoyed working for Shriners and I am committed to the hospital, the patients and my team.”

John Pa in operating room