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A young baseball fan takes all the bases thanks to love and care received

Determination, family support and staff at the Houston Shriners Hospital make the difference

A young baseball fan takes all the bases thanks to love and care received

Abraham is standing tall, and has a positive spirit that revolves around him. A patient at the Houston Shriners Hospital, this young man’s resilience and determination could be compared to that of a World Series champ. Ironically, in early November of 2017, he had the opportunity to play a baseball game in the home of the 2017 World Series champions, the Houston Astros. As Abraham ran the bases with the support of his walker, it was evident to those that know him that he had come a long way.

At age 8, Abraham was first admitted into our hospital after his mother had seen a commercial on television. Born with cerebral palsy (CP), his mom remembers many challenges, “There was a time period when he wasn’t able to do many things when it came to mobility. After a few visits to the hospital the doctors suggested that he potentially go in for a tendon surgery”.

Abraham was always very vocal about decisions regarding his medical care. The medical staff would talk to both he and his parents to decide what they believed would be best. His mom states, “One of the things that I like about Shriners Hospitals is that the kids really have a say in what they want. Everyone talks to them, to make sure they understand what is happening. Abraham himself said, 'I need to walk better,' and that was what happened”.

The Motion Analysis Center (MAC) played a big role in Abraham's evaluation and care. Tests in the MAC can analyze how a child walks. Abraham was evaluated in the MAC three times between 2011 and 2017.

Abraham originally seemed to be in a lot of pain when it came to walking and it was a challenge to analyze his gait, but once he had the tendon surgery, the therapists in the MAC were able to see improvement in the way he was moving with a walker.

MAC evaluations later revealed that Abraham was having problems with his hip, which had come out of its socket. Another surgery was performed to insert plates into the affected area. In 2016, Abraham had the hardware removed from his hip and visited the MAC again. The therapists were impressed with the improvement that he demonstrated as he moved around the lab in his walker. Always a fighter, Abraham gave it his all and it was evident through the comparisons that the MAC made from his first visit.

Abraham has many fond memories of his time as an inpatient at the Houston Shriners Hospital. He speaks frequently about the continuous support of his extended family and hospital staff members, and the many friendships he made while a patient. One memory he loves to share is the time he and his family ate crawfish in the cafeteria area of the hospital!

Today, this young Houstonian can say that he has taken his walker from the lab onto a World Series stage. Abraham was invited to participate in the Shriners Hospitals for Children College Classic Experience in November of 2017.

He confidently played a one-hour game on the field with many fans watching, including his many family members and friends who cheered his name from the stands.

Abraham's positive attitude and continuous will to succeed are attributes that make him a great role model and simply, an awesome person to be around. 

Abraham on the field with his dad Abraham on the field pointing to family in the stands