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Where hope and healing meet: Mother maintains positive outlook through daughter’s years of treatment

Where hope and healing meet: Mother maintains positive outlook through daughter’s years of treatment

She may not be a fast runner, but she can run. She may not be able to dunk a basketball, but she can play. Genesis’ victories come from the things she can do, not the things she cannot. “We have to learn to achieve what we set our minds to,” Genesis’ mother, Judis, said. “If we set our minds to see our kids well and healthy, that’s how it will be.”

The petite 8-year-old has been a patient at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Houston since she was 2 months old. She was born with clubfoot and cleft palate – two very different conditions, treated under one roof.

Genesis’ surgeries were always complex due to her small frame and struggle to gain weight. Her orthopaedic doctor and cleft palate doctor worked together, coordinating the timeline of her surgeries. “Dr. Blackwell was always very sure of himself and showed confidence before every surgery,” Judis said. “That helped me remain positive. I trusted him.”

There were plenty of ups and downs during Genesis’ treatments. When it came to her clubfoot treatment, Judis said she understood all the challenges and mobility complications her daughter could face, but she chose to remain confident that Genesis would come out. “As parents, we have to have that strength and envision that you will see your kids prosper. Always keep in mind that anything is possible,” Judis said.

After surgeries and continued treatment, Genesis is now very active. She loves riding her bike, going to the park and playing with other kids. “She is a happy and confident kid, she is always smiling,” Judis said. “I credit so much of that to the great treatment she received at Shriners [Hospitals for Children]. It shows how much love they have for the kids and the care they provide.”