Shriners Hospitals for Children©

Last year 121,000 kids got their childhoods back We call it Love to the rescue™.


Watch Love at work

Giving every child a chance at childhood.

Shriners Hospitals for Children© brings your love to the rescue of injured kids everyday, regardless of their ability to pay.

You give.

They receive.

An industry leading 90% of
every donation goes directly
to help children.

Hospitals that feel

like homes.

Patients get the highest quality
care at 22 hospitals across
North America, each designed
to put children at ease.

Changing lives.

Changing the world.

Our hospitals drive breakthrough
research in areas like burns,
spinal cord injuries, orthopedics
and prosthetics.

Healing more than


Going beyond the physical to
give children the confidence to
face their first day back at
school after a serious injury.

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