At Shriners Hospitals for Children, the health and safety of our patients, families, volunteers and staff is our top priority. With the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, we are closely monitoring updates from local health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and are actively following their recommendations.

If your child has an upcoming appointment, please contact your local Shriners Hospitals for Children location.

Shriners Children's Twin Cities visitor information.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Shriners Healthcare for Children — Twin Cities has taken action to prevent the spread of illness. During this time of heightened risk, everyone is advised to avoid travel or groups of people, such as those in waiting rooms.

We must limit the number of visitors to 1-2 adults. Please evaluate upcoming appointments. If your child’s appointment is routine or non-urgent, please reschedule the visit for a later date.

Shriners Healthcare does not test for the coronavirus, or COVID-19. If you or your child are ill or symptomatic with fever, cough or difficulty breathing, it is important that you contact your regular primary care doctor for testing and treatment of these symptoms.

Please contact our scheduling staff at 612-596-6106 to reschedule your Shriners Healthcare appointment if your child or person accompanying your child has:

  • Traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days
  • Had contact with someone under investigation for coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Symptoms such as cough, fever or shortness of breath

Everyone who enters our building is asked about the above risk factors before being allowed inside. If your child or accompanying person(s) have symptoms of a contagious condition upon arrival at the clinic, we most likely will not be able to provide service in the interest of not exposing the other patients and families to illness.

This is a rapidly changing situation. We will do our best to keep you informed as the situation evolves. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with containing the spread of this virus.

For questions, please contact Terri Kasbohm, director of patient care services, at 612-596-6241 or via email.

**Si usted necesita la traducción de esta carta, por favor contacte al número 612-596-6113 Emma y Andrew intérpretes de español de los Hospitales Shriners de las ciudades gemelas.