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New X-ray technology gives peace of mind

New X-ray technology gives peace of mind

Nine-year-old Macey Collins was born with a clubfoot and a missing fibula bone. She underwent leg lengthening treatment, but it never healed properly due to poor blood supply in her leg.

In summer 2013, Macey underwent an amputation. She’s had four prosthetic legs since and has enjoyed a busy life of dancing, swimming, snowboarding, running, karate and yoga.

In the spring of 2016, Macey was given a new diagnosis – scoliosis. The curvature of her spine progressed quickly and Macey was fitted for an orthotic spine brace to stop the progression. She wears her brace 22 hours a day, but is happy that she can still participate in sports and stay active.

Macey’s mom, Melina, had concerns about the number of X-rays that Macey’s scoliosis diagnosis would add to her already frequent X-ray schedule. Macey’s doctor, Christopher Vara, M.D., explained, “We’re working on getting a system called EOS Imaging that produces less radiation for children.”

The EOS Imaging System is the first imaging system capable of providing doctors with unprecedented 3-D views of their patients’ bone structure in a natural standing position, while dramatically reducing the child’s exposure to radiation. Radiation exposure is cumulative over one’s lifespan, so it is particularly helpful for use with children who have the need for multiple imaging.

“The opportunity for Shriners Hospitals for Children to have an EOS machine here is completely amazing, for the simple fact that my daughter not only has X-rays on her limb, but also on her spine, and this is a concern of ours for her future. As a parent, the EOS machine couldn’t be any more of a relief for me, knowing it reduces the risk of other issues in her future,” stated Melina.

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