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Charlotte has healed!

Now she can dance

Charlotte has healed!

Charlotte has healed. She will soon be able to participate in the Youth America Grand Prix – Ensuring the Future of Dance (YAGP). Their mission is to develop and support world-class dancers from diverse ethnic, economic and geographic backgrounds. This is the first time Charlotte is speaking about her big project. We are flattered that she chose her hospital as the location to announce this special news.

“I am going! I am cured! I succeeded!" she exclaimed. After a year of rehabilitation, Charlotte can finally realize her dream. For several months, she has been working on the two choreographic sequences that she wants to present in Boston in 2019. Thanks to Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada, Charlotte can now participate in this prestigious contest.

At the end of September 2017, Charlotte injured her wrist during a school trip. Fearing a fracture of the scaphoid, one of the wrist bones, the decision was made to immobilize her hand for a long period of time. All the tests revealed that it was not a fracture, but Charlotte had lost all the mobility in her wrist and hand. "When my morale was dropping, I forced myself to focus on my participation in the 2019 YAGP. Regardless of the final outcome, my personal victory is having progressed in ballet despite the wrist injury,“ said Charlotte.

It would be a long road to recovery, but Charlotte was not alone. In December 2017, Mathilde Hupin, M.D., referred Charlotte to Nathalie Bilodeau, an occupational therapist at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada. As Charlotte made great efforts with her therapy at the hospital and at home, she gradually regained her mobility. Yet the pain persisted. "Ballet really helped me through this difficult time. I had to adapt movements, modify arm positions to adjust to the limits imposed by my wrist. Dance was still my best remedy because the constant pain was less present when I danced,” said Charlotte.

It was during an occupational therapy meeting in May 2018 that Nathalie Bilodeau noticed the presence of a cyst in Charlotte's wrist. Initially, cortisone was used in an attempt to reduce inflammation and eliminate the pain. This treatment did not yield good results. Therefore, on July 9, Dr. Hupin operated on Charlotte’s wrist. Thanks to Dr. Hupin and the rest of the medical team, the operation was a great success, and recovery was very fast. "My daughter was back at ballet school in no time, and 10 days after the surgery she was recording a TV show. She has felt no pain since the operation. Charlotte continues to be followed by Nathalie Bilodeau as needed to ensure that the postoperative period and healing are progressing well,” added Isabelle, Charlotte’s mother.

“I am 100 percent better, thanks to all the people I met at the hospital. Nathalie, my wonderful occupational therapist, Dr. Mathilde Hupin, the best orthopqedic surgeon. And of course the nurse from the cast room, Ms. Gloria, the nurse, Shannon at the reception of the physiotherapy/occupational therapy department. Everyone I met at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada encouraged me, even when things got worse. Thanks to them I healed faster! Last year, I also continued to make progress in dance thanks to Ms. Samar, my teacher, who has never let me down, and to Ms. Gérard, who is in charge of health at the ballet school," Charlotte concluded.

Charlotte in dance pose in front of hospital