At Shriners Hospitals for Children, the health and safety of our patients, families, volunteers and staff is our top priority. With the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, we are closely monitoring updates from public health agencies, our affiliates, and provincial and federal governments.

COVID 19 (coronavirus) updates.

What to expect at the Canada Shriners Hospital.
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Patient programs

Patient programs

At Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada, our care extends far beyond the hospital walls. Our staff members organize events and partner with a number of community organizations to provide opportunities for children to explore and grow their potential, inside and outside the hospital.

Patient ambassador program

Patient ambassadors are current or former patients of the hospital who have been selected and volunteer as champions for Shriners Hospitals for Children by participating in special activities, events and other opportunities on behalf of the hospital.

Organized through the public relations department, the patient ambassador program is a great way for patients and families to give the gift of their time and talent to the hospital. Patient ambassadors represent the hospital in their local communities and at the hospital in many different ways, including photo shoots, video productions and speaking to Shrine temples (chapters). The patient ambassadors attend local Shrine events, local Shriners Hospitals for Children events and fundraisers, and also participate in television, radio and newspaper news stories. Patients have also led many fundraising events for Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada at their schools and even online!


Nutritionists play a vital role in the recovery of orthopaedic patients, as diet is crucial to the healing process. The nutritionists at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada provide measurements of bone density and nutritional status. Many of our orthopaedic patients need vitamin and mineral supplementation to strengthen their bones and prevent fractures, in order to properly grow. In addition, nutrition counseling helps to maintain a healthy weight for the patients.

Social services

The social services department staff play a vital role in the hospital for patients and families.

Their role includes the following:

  • Helping families to maintain a balanced life during the illness, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of the child
  • Accompanying parents and siblings during the grieving period as they adjust to living with a child with a chronic illness
  • Intervening during a crisis
  • Representing families and their needs to the medical and interdisciplinary teams
  • Encouraging mutual communication between families and the medical team
  • Evaluating the family`s needs for financial assistance
  • Referring and directing families to community resources and linking them to professionals in their community
  • Addressing the family as a whole and responding to the needs of other family members in reference to the patient

Please note that the social worker ensures the cultural and linguistic reality of families, as well as respect for their legal rights. As with all professionals, the physical and emotional well-being of the child is our top priority.

Child life department

The child life department staff help maintain normal, daily routines and minimize the stresses incurred as a result of hospitalization. The staff provide opportunities for achieving mastery, control, play, learning, self-expression, family involvement and peer interactions.

While your child is staying in the hospital, our department offers a number of activities to provide fun, diversion and socialization for your child. We also celebrate special events and holidays such as Halloween, birthdays, magic shows and many more.

We provide medical play opportunities in order to prepare your child for upcoming medical procedures. We teach coping techniques to decrease anxiety levels and discomfort or pain experienced during medical procedures, such as IV starts, blood tests, X-rays, cast and dressing changes, and many more.

For further information, please contact the child life department at 514-282-6992


Our hospital school program is designed to promote a welcoming and stimulating learning environment. All levels of elementary and secondary students are integrated in an interactive, one-room schoolhouse under the guidance of two certified special education teachers. Our school program remains flexible to meet the daily challenges and needs of the children. Instruction is provided in English and French.

The goals of the school program are:

  • Relieve the stress, pain and anxiety caused by hospitalization
  • Maintain a link with the community school
  • Ensure the child keeps up-to-date with his community school program
  • Encourage mutual support and cooperative learning among children of different ages, languages and cultural backgrounds
  • Ease the transition from the hospital school to the community school upon discharge

Our school program runs from September to June.

Monday through Friday: 9–11 a.m.
Monday through Thursday: 1– 2:45 p.m.

For further information regarding our school program, you can contact us at 514-282-7202.