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News Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Senior physical therapist talks tuned bracing versus standard ankle foot orthoses

for chldren with cerebral palsy

Senior Physical Therapist Nancy Scullion, PT, MPT, PCS, from our Chicago Shriners Hospital recently shared her research-based insights about children with cerebral palsy. Scullion said the Chicago Shriners Hospital’s motion analysis center offers quantitative gait analysis for children with cerebral palsy, to help determine the best course of care.

In a story titled Fine-tuning orthotic device prescription, fitting in CP, Scullion explains how "tuned” individualized bracing, offered at the Chicago Shriners Hospital, instead of just a standard ankle foot orthosis, may help improve a child's outcome and also improve children’s compliance with brace wearing. The story appeared in a recent issue of Lower Extremity Review: Pediatrics, along with several photos provided by our hospital.

The article also features comments from Cary H. Mielke, M.D., chief of staff at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Twin Cities.

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