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News Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest technology in radiology equipment

With the support of many donors, we were able to meet our goal of 2.4 million dollars to renovate our aging equipment and upgrade to digital radiography.

Renovating the radiology suite was a two phase project. Phase one included the construction and installation of the EOS® ultra-low dose Imaging System, that significantly reduces exposure to radiation by eight times, and shortens the examination time. Phase two consist of installing two new Carestream DRX Evolution Digital x-ray room systems and one mobile DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray system. The equipment uses low-dose digital x-rays, innovative software maximizes image clarity, and this is a wireless system. The mobile x-ray system will be easy to maneuver around a child’s hospital bed and offers a stress free x-ray process for a patient that is not able to visit the department for the needed x-ray.

EOS and Carestream technologies provide the safest imaging option for our patient population. Combined with our expert pediatric specialists and surgeons, we help infants, children and teens receive the best medical care and rehabilitation options possible. These investments in technology support our continuing commitment to provide the highest quality and safest patient care for the children and we serve.

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