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News Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sports medicine program expands to offer more services to children

Pediatric and adolescent sports medicine specialist orthopaedic surgeon leads the team

As an orthopaedic hospital, we have always had the capacity to treat pediatric sports injuries and we have done so throughout the years without a formal sports medicine program. Now, we have a structured sports program to further expand our services and patient reach.

Alfred Mansour, M.D., a pediatric and adolescent sports medicine specialist orthopaedic surgeon has joined the hospital medical staff to lead the sports medicine program team. The program is designed to provide patients with assessment and treatment for the entire spectrum of sports injuries from a twisted ankle to acute injuries such as a skeletal damage. 

We have the orthopaedic expertise to understand the mechanism of each injury, provide full reparative treatment and ultimately, return patients to function. Our Houston Shriners Hospital has real-time systems that are difficult to replicate in traditional medical practices, such as a rehabilitation pool and physical and occupational therapists on site to consult with physicians during patient assessments. Most sports injuries don’t need surgery so patients can work directly with the rehabilitation department to decide best outcomes and still stay connected with their treating physician.

According to Dr. Mansour, “The Houston Shriners Hospital sports medicine program provides a real continuum of care and demonstrates how our organization’s vision can be applied to a broader range of patients with everyday problems.” 

Patients who come with sports injuries will typically have already received trauma care or been evaluated at least once and need a second evaluation to decide treatment. Or, they may have a complex condition that requires long-term treatment. The sports medicine program will continue to grow as collaborations with referring institutions expand and the program receives more visibility – an easy accomplishment for the Houston Shriners hospital as sports is a universal language in orthopaedics, and one of the most common reasons people seek orthopaedic treatment.