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Support services

Support services

At Shriners Children's Ohio, care is delivered in a family-centered environment, which means the patient and family are the focus. In addition to high-quality medical care, we offer the following support services.

Child life

Child life is part of the interdisciplinary approach to children’s health care that takes into account the needs of the “whole child.” The program is based on a wide range of research and experience, especially adapted to the pediatric health care setting, with particular attention to the psychosocial needs of the child and family.

Child life specialists are available to provide parent education on topics such as play, toy safety and normal growth and development, as well as the emotional impact burns and hospitalization have on the child's behavior.

Play and recreational opportunities are provided to optimize the adjustment and normal development of infants, children and adolescents. Play is the “work” of childhood and a means by which children continue to learn and develop new skills. Maintaining and increasing the child’s developmentally appropriate skills plays an important part in the child’s successful rehabilitation after burn injury.

Child life specialists are members of the health care team and participate in patient assessments, patient care meetings, medical rounds and hospital wide committees concerned with total patient and family-centered care. Child life assessments and care plans are charted in the patient medical record.

Cosmetic consultation

Cosmetic consultations are another one of the positive services that Shriners Children's Ohio offers its patients. Our professional make-up artist works with young adults with burn scars, traumatic scars, birthmarks and other related conditions to teach them the art of concealment and coverage through the use of makeup. Consultations are done through the Shriners Children's Ohio outpatient department.

Family services/care coordination

A care manager is assigned to each family during an admission to the hospital. The care manager will support the family with meeting basic needs such as housing, transportation and financial assistance. In addition to meeting these needs, social workers offer counseling to assist families with their coping skills. Social workers also serve as family advocates and coordinate care with community providers. This assistance is given throughout the continuum of inpatient and outpatient care.

Rooming in

Our family-centered approach to care reinforces that we not only care for children, but we care for the entire family. If a hospital stay is required, a parent or guardian can room-in with most patients.


At Shriners Children's Ohio, we formulate specialized diets considering the child’s diet and/or eating limitations and their unique nutritional needs. Nutritional management of the burn patient is of critical importance throughout the length of the child’s hospitalization. A burn patient’s nutritional needs greatly exceed those of an unburned child. Our goal is to provide specific nutrients to promote wound healing, preserve lean muscle, enhance immune function and protect patients from complications throughout the hospitalization. The cutting-edge nutritional support provided by Shriners Children's Ohio is based on the hospital’s extensive evidenced-based research.

Each patient is assessed by the clinical nutrition team and is provided an individualized nutrition program to promote good health and wound management. A room service menu is provided to give the child numerous food options and freedom to eat when they feel best. Clinical nutrition personnel guide the family in food selections to choose the best foods for the nutritional plan of care.

Our clinical nutrition team also provides consultations and support for cleft lip and palate disorders, elective reconstructive surgeries and other nutritional issues that present on an outpatient basis.

School re-entry

Shriners Children's Ohio provides a unique program called school re-entry, available to all patients who have experienced a significant burn injury. Before the patient returns to school, the hospital staff holds meetings with the patient’s teachers and classmates. This program helps burn survivors re-acclimate to typical social situations in their home communities and provides classmates with an opportunity to learn lessons of empathy and acceptance.

Psychiatric therapy

In the case of severe burns and trauma, psychiatric treatment may be included as part of a child’s care plan to help manage pain, post-traumatic stress, depression and other conditions. Our psychiatrist has been working with burned children for more than 30 years.