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Celebrating Shriners for Children Medical Center volunteers

Celebrating Shriners for Children Medical Center volunteers

Today we would like to highlight some of the most valuable members of our team, our volunteers! The Shriners for Children Medical Center volunteers are individuals of all ages from different parts of Southern California. Many provide assistance in various departments within the medical center. Others volunteer as drivers, transporting patients from different areas, including Las Vegas, Nev., Palm Springs, Calif., and San Diego, Calif. To date, our records indicate the volunteers have donated over 300,000 hours.

During the month of April, which is National Volunteer Week, we honor our volunteers who go above and beyond in their service. We also celebrate all of our volunteers for the important work they do, all year long.

This year we honored four individuals with our “Exemplary Volunteer of the Year” award.

Leon Baghdadilian, a Zelzah Shriner, assists in transporting our patients to and from Las Vegas. Leon has dedicated more than 700 hours, making over 50 trips to Shriners for Children Medical Center in Pasadena.

Peter Krickhunh, an Al Bahr Shriner from San Diego, has volunteered over 800 hours making multiple trips from the Mexican border to Pasadena. He is said to be Al Bahr’s “go to” driver. On one occasion he helped drive a patient from the Mexican border to the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Sacramento, giving another two days of his time. This was done with less than 12 hours of notice. He is one of our most treasured volunteers.

Talin Saklarian volunteers in our recreation department. Talin is a fabulous volunteer who is always a pleasure to work with. She assists our patients by providing them with developmentally appropriate recreational activities. Talin has volunteered for the past three years, moving with us from the Los Angeles location to our current location in Pasadena, dedicating more than 120 hours.

Mike Casey assists in our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). He is an enormous help to the ASC staff and they love having him present. Mike helps make our families and patients as comfortable as possible. He welcomes families as they are checking in for surgery and introduces himself to the patients. He lets them know about all the great things they can do before and after surgery, including the use of virtual reality goggles, coloring or watching a movie.

Without people like Leon, Talin, Peter or Mike, our mission to deliver family centered care would not be possible. All our volunteers donate their time because they enjoy giving back. We are honored and thankful to have them on our team.

Shriners for Children Medical Center Exemplary Volunteer of the Year award recipients