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news News Thursday, February 22, 2018 Thursday, February 22, 2018 11:36 AM - Thursday, February 22, 2018 11:36 AM

Mini therapy horse visits Shriners for Children Medical Center

Benefits of therapeutic therapy

Mini therapy horse visits Shriners for Children Medical Center

Shriners for Children Medical Center had a special visit from Blue Moon, a mini therapy horse, on February 1. Mini Therapy Horses is a nonprofit charity providing therapeutic therapy to people in crisis – from survivors of tragedy to children staying at Ronald McDonald Houses while receiving critical medical procedures. The horses make weekly visits to patients in the Greater Los Angeles area.

During Blue Moon's visit, she spent some time in the post-op area. A young boy was ready to go home, but was in pain and a little sad, until Blue changed that! Once the young patient saw the horse, his mood changed completely. He was happy and distracted from all that was going on. This is when nurses and staff saw the benefits of therapy come into play.

Therapeutic play is beneficial in the way it eases patient’s anxieties and fears of hospitalization. Therapeutic play is defined as play that is directed by a health professional to assist the physical and psychological needs of children (, 2015). Various forms of therapeutic play include art and crafts, music, and pets. Therapeutic play is not only a technique to help alleviate children’s internal emotions of stress, fear and anxiety, but also a technique used to make hospitalization a positive experience for children.

The miniature horses are trained to do many tricks, such as play the piano, give high fives, stand on their hind legs, kick balls, squeak toys, and of course, bow.

Mini Therapy Horses is making a difference and changing the lives of children by providing comfort and joy. Today, Mini Therapy Horses has helped over 50,000 children and adults with the assistance of highly trained handlers and miniature therapy horses. Shriners for Children Medical Center is thankful for this community partner that brings smiles to all.

Family with Blue Moon, the mini therapy horse

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