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Meet Gaven

Meet Gaven

Gaven is a 16-year-old sports lover. He has been coming to Shriners Hospitals for Children — Philadelphia since before he can remember. He was born without fully developed arms and legs, but that does not stop him from texting and hanging out with his friends.

Since Gaven was a young child, numerous custom prosthetics have been made for him, including arms and legs that help him navigate life. He uses his prosthetic legs to maneuver through his daily activities, and uses his arms to help him write during his school days. Gaven’s prosthetic arms allow him to reach more easily as well; his left is the dominant arm.

During a recent hospital visit, Gavin received a longer set of prosthetic legs, increasing his height to almost five feet.

Gaven appreciates that his teachers allow him to get out of class five minutes early so he can get to his next class when the hallways are not crowded. “I am going to have my falls, but will get back up again when maneuvering around crowds,” Gaven stated.

His lower extremity physician, Corinna Franklin, M.D., and prosthetic practitioner, Luis Velasquez, CPO, have been part of his care team for several years. Gaven appreciates that his care team is so helpful and that the modifications to his new prosthetic legs are always just right.

Gaven has big dreams. He wants to be a sports broadcaster after he graduates from high school and college. He has dreams to meet famous athletes from the Philadelphia 76ers, like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. At one time he was able to meet basketball star Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

“I am happy to have a care team to make my life feel normal with a few modifications,” stated Gaven about his time at the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital.

Gaven during physical therapy session

Pictured: (top right) Gaven hanging out in Central Activity, (bottom) Gaven is trying out his new prosthetics legs with prosthetist Luis Velasquez, CPO.