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Spine surgery gives Isabella the confidence to pursue modeling!

Spine surgery gives Isabella the confidence to pursue modeling!

When she was 14, Isabella began to suffer from a constant, unrelenting pain in her back, and she was determined to find the cause. Isabella and her family wanted answers and consulted a physician from a nearby clinic. After the medical exam, they were assured that it was nothing to worry about and sent Isabella on her way. Isabella felt dismissed and, despite the assurance that everything was fine, she knew that something was not right. Isabella felt that the unevenness in her shoulders and hips, as well as the constant pain, were surely not normal, and she wasn’t ready to give up.

Guided by her instincts, Isabella and her family made a trip to the Portland Shriners Hospital for a second opinion, where they met with pediatric orthopaedic physician Michelle Welborn, M.D. After a thorough evaluation of Isabella’s spine, Dr. Welborn confirmed the source of her pain and diagnosed her with scoliosis.   

“It was so relieving to know exactly what was wrong and that it could be fixed,” Isabella said, recalling how she felt when she first received the diagnosis from Dr. Welborn.

Following the diagnosis, Dr. Welborn developed a treatment plan which included a recommendation for surgery. Isabella, then 15 years old, underwent spinal surgery to correct the curve in her spine. Since then, Isabella has made a full recovery, and she continues to have regular check-up appointments at the Portland Shriners Hospital.

“It was great to just get back to normal activities like exercising, skiing, and just being able to comfortably walk around,” said Isabella. “I am completely pain free now – I can’t even remember what it was like before my surgery.”

Now, two years after her surgery, Isabella is thriving! She was recently contacted by a modeling agency who discovered her through her Instagram account. Isabella, who is a fierce advocate for body positivity, is confident in her body and is excited to pursue this opportunity. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes Isabella – we know that she will be a positive role model for promoting body positivity for all women!