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What is trauma informed care?

What is trauma informed care?

Thanks to the efforts of multiple departments at the Portland Shriners Hospital, the hospital experience is often very fun and positive for our patients! However, for patients who have experienced adverse childhood events (such as abuse, foster care or the loss of a parent) being in a hospital setting can be overwhelming. Children who have experienced trauma like this in their lives may have developmental trauma, which may result in a child’s brain perceiving the world as more threatening than a child who has not had those experiences. That’s where the TEDI Team comes in!

TEDI stands for:

  • Trauma Informed
  • Evidence-Based
  • Driven by Research
  • Inspired

In 2018, nurse educator Maggie led the way toward building the TEDI Team at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland, and the team has been going strong ever since. Their goal is to ensure that this special population of children receive the extra attention to safety, transparency and compassion that they need to decrease stress while receiving care at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland. We recognize that each child is unique, and children who have experienced trauma often need a different approach from their caregivers in order to feel safe.

Prior to the TEDI Team, hospital staff would call hospital social workers when a child was struggling. Now, the TEDI Team is working with social workers to provide trauma informed care training to all hospital staff so that children who are having trouble coping with their hospital stay will receive the level of emotional care that they need at every touchpoint, including reception, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation and nutrition services. Their goal is to have the entire hospital involved!

Currently 10 registered nurses and one certified nurse assistant are on the TEDI Team. Members of the team include nurses from the inpatient unit, surgical services, the outpatient clinic and care management. They are helping staff members recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma (including anger, social issues, being withdrawn, being afraid of adults, defiant behavior, etc.), and they are assisting staff in determining how best to keep the patient feeling safe. The TEDI Team’s ultimate hope is to help the child build resilience to help make their futures brighter!