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Plastic surgeon repairs dog bite wound

Plastic surgeon repairs dog bite wound

When a family dog severely bit their 3-year-old son's face, a Vacaville couple's life was thrown into frantic, gut-wrenching turmoil.

After initially treating young Will at the UC Davis Medical Center, doctors there reached out to Pirko Maguina, M.D., a plastic surgeon at Shriners Hospital for Children — Northern California. They advised that he was the best surgeon to perform the delicate facial surgery needed to correct the large disfigurement.

“Our team offers comprehensive care for children with dog bites. From reconstructive surgery to scar management, rehabilitation and therapy – all options are available to offer children the best possible care,” said Dr. Maguina.

"Our experience was incredible," Lindsey, the boy's mother, recalled. "We were last-minute transfers. Once a room was ready, we entered and saw a care package of toys waiting on his bed. We started to feel better."

After thorough consultations with Lindsey and her husband, Keith, the surgical team walked Will's parents through a chosen course of action. On Valentine's Day 2018, the preschooler underwent extensive plastic surgery. "The immediate aftercare was simple and easy for us," Lindsey said. "So much so that we were able to go home the very next day. We couldn't have been more blessed to have such an outstanding medical team available to help our son."

The family has had several follow-up appointments with Dr. Maguina to access their now 4-year-old's facial healing. "We recently had our one-year follow-up to discuss the process of masking the scars to make them smaller and less noticeable," Lindsey added.

"One thing of great comfort to us was that Dr. Maguina told us that Will is a Shriners' patient until he turns 18. If we ever need anything again, we are always welcomed back at Shriners," Lindsey said. "That is such a relief. I hope we don't have to come back, but if we ever do I know we'll be in best possible hands."

"One more thing," she added. "I recommend this hospital to everyone I can."