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Motion analysis center plays major role in research

Motion analysis center plays major role in research

patient being fitted with markers

To those that know of the motion analysis center located in the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital, it may come as a surprise to learn that in addition to recording data on patients with orthopaedic impairment, we also collect data on children with typically developing gait.

Understanding normal movement patterns enable us to detect, assess and quantify pathological movements. Similarly, it helps us understand our outcomes and the changes that occur in children with intervention or changes over time: did something get better (more like normal) or worse (less like normal).

While we have a current database of typically developing children, it is important to maintain this data to reflect current protocols and measures as equipment, techniques and personnel are constantly changing. In addition, increasing our database allows us to better match the data to particular patient groups, for example using subsets based on age or gender. Finally, this data is used as part of our accreditation process; as it is used in quality assurance measures to determine accuracy and repeatability of the measures.

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