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news item News Monday, December 17, 2018 Monday, December 17, 2018 12:58 PM - Monday, December 17, 2018 12:58 PM

$1M donation to Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland funds innovative spine care equipment

O-arm surgical imaging system made possible with generous gift

When a local Vancouver woman approached Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland with a $1 million donation, the hospital staff knew just what to do with it. With four of 12 pediatric orthopaedic surgeons on staff who specialize in complex spine care, they knew that an O-arm™ O2 Imaging System would be an innovative asset to the Portland Shriners Hospital and would help further advance the care provided to patients with spine deformities.

Donna and Jim Casper of Vancouver, Washington, have a meaningful history with the Portland Shriners Hospital. Jim, a U.S. Army veteran, was a member of the Shriners International fraternity and participated in hospital tours and fundraising events. When their grandson was diagnosed with scoliosis, they took him to the Portland Shriners Hospital to receive care. “Shriners is a place that Grandpa really cared about,” said April Silvery, Donna and Jim’s granddaughter. “He thought of it as an amazing, worthy cause.”

Donna and Jim frequently discussed making a donation to the Portland Shriners Hospital, and when Jim sadly passed away in January of 2018, Donna began the process of making the donation official. “Jim always thought of Shriners Hospitals for Children as the best thing going,” said Donna. “Good things will come from this donation, and that’s what I want.”

When Donna approached the Portland Shriners Hospital, she didn’t know that the donation amount exactly matched the cost of the O-arm and accompanying navigation system. “It felt meant to be,” said April. “With the donation going toward an O-arm, we know exactly where the gift is going and that it helps care for the patients at the hospital. When my family heard about the O-arm, we couldn’t have been happier!”

The O-arm is an intraoperative imaging system that, when used in a surgery setting, will provide surgeons a 3-dimensional view of the spine on an accompanying monitor to increase the accuracy of hardware insertion. The O-arm also provides high image quality, is easy to handle and can help decrease the time the patient needs to spend in surgery because of its efficiencies. Due to their cost, O-arm surgical imaging systems are not commonly found in children’s hospitals. We specialize in pediatric orthopaedic care at the Portland Shriners Hospital, including severe spine conditions, so the O-arm will be used frequently.

Robert Bernstein, M.D., joined the Portland Shriners Hospital as chief of staff this fall. “Coming on as chief of staff, the O-arm was one of the first things I thought that we needed, knowing the complexity of the spinal deformities that we treat here,” he said. “The O-arm catapults the level of care that we’re able to give our patients.”

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland received the O-arm in early December and has begun the training process with staff. They plan to utilize the O-arm in a surgical setting for the first time in mid-January of 2019.

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Donors Donna and Jim Casper

Pictured: (top right) Donor Donna Casper with Chief of Staff Robert Bernstein, M.D., in front of the O-arm, (bottom) Donna and Jim Casper’s wedding photo.