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#CutTheBull projects and programs

#CutTheBull projects and programs

#CutTheBull Challenge

Promoting acceptance and empowerment

At Shriners Hospitals for Children, we encourage our patients to have confidence and to see the ability in themselves and in others. Patients, staff and supporters are taking the #CutTheBull Challenge to help all people see beyond physical differences to the ability that lies within.

Join us! Post or tweet a photo and include the hashtags #CutTheBull and #SeeTheAbility to show your support.


Madelyn Hubbs

Inspiring her peers to help #CutTheBull

Madelyn uses her disability as a platform to educate others on the value of being different.

She worked with staff members at Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis to develop an anti-bullying tool kit that is full of resources that patients, parents and the public can use to learn how to start the conversation about bullying.



Team Brave

Helping patients see their ability

Re-entering the community can be a challenge for a young person who is recovering from a burn or other traumatic injury.

Team Brave was created as a community reintegration program to teach patients skills and techniques to overcome the challenges they might encounter when they leave the hospital, including how to handle stares, questions and comments from family, friends and even strangers.



The Resiliency Project

Seeing beyond the disability

Many children have visible scars or disabilities that make them stand out and put them at a greater risk for being bullied. A beautiful photography installation, featuring Shriners Hospitals for Children patients, challenges viewers to #SeeTheAbility in everyone.