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Seth: 2021-2022 National Patient Ambassador

Seth: 2021-2022 National Patient Ambassador

Seth was 11 when his doctor noticed a curvature in his spine. They began with a “wait and see” approach, and later treatment from a chiropractor. Still, the curvature of his spine quickly progressed to a severe degree. He and his family learned about Shriners Hospitals for Children from a social media group focused on the Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) treatment for scoliosis.

Seth, who is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, underwent VBT surgery at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Philadelphia when he was 13. The surgery, performed by Joshua Pahys, M.D., helped the young athlete quickly return to the playing field. “My pain has been reduced dramatically, my curvature is half what it used to be, and my flexibility is on par with my peers,” Seth said.

Seth, now 17, enjoys playing many sports, including football, baseball and basketball, and is now focusing on competitive golf. “VBT has given me the opportunity to perform my best in athletics without the limitations of scoliosis,” Seth said. “The extra inch I gained on the operating table didn’t hurt on the basketball court either.”

Seth is pleased and proud to have the opportunity to be a National Patient Ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children. “I was impressed by the amazing treatment that I received at Shriners Hospitals, and I would be honored to guide someone to their care,” Seth said. “It will mean a lot to me to give back to the Shriners community because of the gift that they gave me.”