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Kaylee returns to the field after orthopaedic treatment

Kaylee returns to the field after orthopaedic treatment

When Kaylee Adams received an injury that required the attention of physicians at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Shreveport, it was not the first injury of her standout softball season. In fact, the line drive to her right leg was not even her first injury of the game she was playing that day.

“Kaylee is a competitor for sure – she lives and breathes softball,” her mother Nicole said.

When X-rays revealed no fractures from her injury, Kaylee returned home to recuperate. After weeks of recovery time, her shin showed little healing as pain remained and areas of numbness began to develop. In addition, the lump present from the injury had expanded and hardened.

During a visit to the Shreveport Shriners Hospital, physicians diagnosed the condition as myositis ossificans. The condition is a soft tissue lesion in which cells from fluids within an injury begin to calcify and create a bone-like mass within the tissue.

To help Kaylee’s body reabsorb the mass, Shreveport Shriners Hospital physicians recommended treatment via iontophoresis. A needle-free approach to delivering certain medications, the treatment involves the topical application of two percent acetic acid, which is ‘pushed’ into the injury site via direct current electricity. Under the direction of the hospital’s physical therapy team, Kaylee underwent three days of treatment per week for three weeks.

“After just the first session with my therapists, the feeling of that area had changed already – it felt a lot softer,” Kaylee said. “We were astonished by the results and had fun throughout the process.”

By the conclusion of her care, Kaylee’s mass had resolved completely. Now back at full speed, Kaylee continues to take her softball skills to new heights.

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