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Fracture clinic

Fracture clinic

Whether your child is an active athlete or just a toddler jumping on the bed, there is a good possibility that he or she will take a spill at home or on the playing field at some time.

Urgent pediatric fracture clinic:

Monday–Friday: 7:30 a.m.–9 a.m. (excluding holidays)

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Spokane is now providing priority scheduling for children with documented fractures. To be seen by the region’s specialists on growing bones and joints, ask your child's provider for information about our urgent pediatric fracture clinic. Patients can receive total fracture care at the Spokane Shriners Hospital. Services provided include:

  • Casting
  • Post-fracture follow up
  • Reduction/re-alignment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgery

Fracture clinic patient instructions

  • When your child is injured, seek immediate care at your child’s primary care facility, urgent care facility or emergency room.
  • Ask the medical provider for a referral to the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Spokane urgent pediatric fracture clinic.
    • Your provider will send the referral to us. The clinic staff will not call you prior to your arrival, as they will be expecting you and your child.
  • Bring your child to the Spokane Shriners Hospital the following business day (excluding holidays). There is no need to call in advance.
  • Check-in at the outpatient clinic on the third floor. Your child will be placed in a priority schedule to be seen by our medical staff. If you arrive after 9 a.m., you may be required to return the following day. 

When your provider determines that surgery may be needed

If the referring provider has a concern that your child might need surgery, your child should not have any solid foods, milk products, including infant formula or juice with pulp (orange juice), after midnight the evening before your visit.

What if my child needs surgery?

No solid foods after midnight!

  • Your child should not have ANY solid foods, milk products, including infant formula, or juice with pulp (orange juice) after 12:00 midnight.

Breastfed children:

  • 7 a.m.: You may breastfeed your child as usual up to 7 a.m. the morning of surgery.
  • Up until 7 a.m. only: Offer only clear fluids (water, apple juice, white grape juice or clear Gatorade).

All age children:

  • Do NOT give your child ANYTHING SOLID by mouth after midnight. Candy, gum and cigarettes are not permitted during the fasting period.
  • Up until 7 a.m. only: Children may have clear liquids (water, apple juice, white grape juice or clear Gatorade).

What to bring to your appointment

  • Patient instruction sheet – the provider your child sees prior to coming to the clinic will give you this form
  • Parent/guardian photo identification and insurance card (if applicable)