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A doll's tale

The story of a doll's experience with scoliosis

A doll's tale

Kinley is a patient at the Spokane Shriners Hospital. Like many little girls, she is a “mommy” to her doll. Kinley’s doll, Shannon (yes, we checked the spelling), happens to have exactly the same condition and story as her “mommy”. So, yes, this is a story about a doll.

“Shannon” met with William Bronson, M.D., a pediatric orthopaedic specialist at the Spokane Shriners Hospital because of a severe spinal curvature. Dr. Bronson wanted to try bracing to straighten the curve before looking at surgical options. So it was that the young, uh, doll was walked out of her clinic room and down the hall to theOorthotics and Prosthetics Manager Peter Springs, who custom fit her with a specialized brace. To make the doll feel better, Peter also made a brace for Kinley so they could match! In the end, the bracing was a resounding success, reducing the curve from 42 to 19 degrees!

“You could tell right away that Kinley truly, genuinely loved the doll. She was so shy and quiet, we wanted to do something to make her more comfortable and help her to open up. Kinley’s mom suggested we create a brace for Kinley’s doll to match, which seemed like a great idea to me! She seemed to really warm up after that! Things like that are why it’s so great working with kids.”

Kinley’s mom, Amber went to Facebook with her thanks, commenting on a post that displayed her, Kinley and Shannon in a multi-generational photo. “Thank you for taking such good care of my baby and making her feel special today,” wrote Amber. We assume she was referring to Kinley, who, as we mentioned, has a suspiciously similar story.


Shannon with physician