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Love to the Rescue Friday

Love to the Rescue Friday

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Spokane recently held Love to the Rescue Friday on May 31 – an all-morning telethon on KXLY 920 AM to raise funds for new force plates in the motion analysis center (MAC).

The new force plates will help update the MAC to new digital technology standards. Force plates are advanced measurement tools used to provide an assessment of the amount of force that is acting on the child’s body while walking. This technology helps the medical staff develop detailed treatment plans for children with walking challenges and movement disorders.

“The force plates are four sensors in the floor that measure the forces on the body. Our job in the MAC is to analyze and understand the mechanics of walking. The new digital force plates will provide us with precise and reliable results by measuring the forces that are happening on the body,” said MAC Director Mark McMulkin.

The MAC is one of only 12 fully-accredited motion labs in the nation. Through advanced technology, medical staff members are able to capture and analyze a child’s movement. The force plates are just one of the measurement tools used in the MAC. The staff utilizes reflective markers placed on the patient’s body. Twelve infrared cameras will see the reflectors and create a 3D picture of the child walking. They can also “listen” to how muscles are firing with electromyography sensors that are placed on the body. A physical strength and flexibility exam is combined with digital video recording to round out the study. Providing guidance on a number of conditions including cerebral palsy, clubfoot, toe walking and leg length discrepancy, the motion analysis center conducts an average of 200 studies per year. 

The telethon raised $7,018 for new force plates for the MAC. “We would like to thank our generous sponsors: ASAP Translations, CHAS Health, Dishman Dodge, Industrial Support Service, Costco and Foothills Lincoln. Their support made our first ever Love to the Rescue Friday campaign a success,” said Director of Donor Development Angelique Heinzen.

If you would like to find out more about the MAC or you know of a child who could benefit from the services provided by Shriners Hospitals for Children — Spokane, please call 509-455-7844.