The health and safety of our patients, families and staff is our highest priority. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is requiring hospitals to meet established criteria as part of the state’s reopening plan. The Springfield Shriners Hospital submitted its Phase 1 attestation on May 29, 2020, and its Phase 2 attestation on June 9, 2020.

If your child has an upcoming appointment, please contact your local Shriners Hospitals for Children location.

Screening protocol and updated policies at the Springfield Shriners Hospital.

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Health information exchange

Health information exchange

What is a health information exchange?

Health information exchange (HIE) is an integral component of the health information technology (HIT) infrastructure that is under development in the United States and the associated National Health Information Network (NHIN).

HIE is the technology that supports the collaboration of health information among physician practices, hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, and other health care institutions. HIE provides safer, faster, efficient, patient-centered care.

What type of health information is shared in the Shriners Hospitals for Children HIE?

  • Diagnoses
  • Immunizations
  • Medications
  • Allergies to medications and other allergens
  • Laboratory and radiology results
  • Provider Reports
  • Social History
  • Procedures
  • Problems
  • Vital Signs
  • Discharge summaries and provider reports

Who has access to patient information in the Shriners Hospitals for Children HIE?

Only providers who have been designated by the Shriners Hospitals for Children patient, parent or guardian, through an opt-in process, will have access to the patient information. And, only providers who agree to the Shriners Hospitals for Children’s HIE strict privacy and security policies, and who comply with relevant federal and state laws.

How secure is the HIE?

The HIE complies with the security rules of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and includes security features to keep information secure and prevent records from being accessed by anyone who is not supposed to have access. The system also has the added security of an electronic tracking system, which provides a history of when records have been accessed and who has accessed them.

How do I gain access to my patient’s information in the HIE?

Please complete the form below and fax the form to our international headquarters health information management (HIM) department at 813-354-4521.

Shriners Hospitals for Children HIE Information Request


If you have questions regarding the Shriners Hospitals for Children Health Information Exchange, please contact our international headquarters health information management (HIM) department at 813-367-2830.