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Mila’s story: Continuing care during COVID-19

Mila’s story: Continuing care during COVID-19

When 13-year-old Mila from Greenfield, Massachusetts, a cross-country runner and gymnast, began to experience pain in her right hip this past fall, her primary care doctor referred her to the pediatric orthopaedic specialists at the Springfield Shriners Hospital. In January, Ahmad F. Bayomy, M.D., medical director of the hospital’s sports health and medicine program, diagnosed Mila with gluteus medius tendinopathy, which caused pain and decreased function in the muscle of her right hip. Dr. Bayomy referred Mila to physical therapy, where she began multiple sessions with physical therapist Megan Frazier, PT. In March, when the COVID-19 pandemic prohibited Mila from continuing her physical therapy in the hospital, Dr. Bayomy recommended Mila continue her therapy sessions via the hospital’s telehealth technology, called Fast Track Video Visits.

Mila’s parents were pleased with the progress she was making and grateful that her treatment could continue during such an uncertain time. “We knew that Shriners Hospital was the best place for Mila,” said her father, Christian. “We were thrilled there was an alternative to the in-person visits.”

Christian converted his home office space into Mila’s own physical therapy room, complete with exercise balls, foam rollers and rubber bands. For four weeks, Megan guided Mila through various exercises and stretches during their virtual appointments.

In June, Mila was able to return to the hospital to continue her therapy on-site twice a week. She has also undergone a gait study in the hospital’s motion analysis center to further evaluate the cause of her chronic hip pain, and began seeing physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Julio A. Martinez-Silvestrini, M.D., for follow-up appointments.

“Everyone involved with Mila’s care is optimistic for a full recovery. If Mila’s goal is to resume running, I believe that we can help her achieve that,” said Dr. Bayomy.

Christian echoed this sentiment, “We have a lot of confidence in the team at Shriners Hospital and know they can get Mila back to doing the activities she loves.”

Mila running