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Schroth method for the treatment of scoliosis

The Schroth Method for the treatment of scoliosis has been used in Germany for more than 100 years. It began as an inpatient exercise treatment regime and has made significant advances in keeping with best practice over the years. Two years ago, Shriners Hospitals for Children in Springfield implemented the 3D treatment of scoliosis according to the principles of Katarina Schroth, physical therapist, in our rehabilitation department. This program is referred to as the "Scoliosis Specific Exercise" program. Patients who have a diagnosis of scoliosis are referred to the rehabilitation department by their physician. Here, patient criteria is reviewed and a verbal contract of compliance is developed with the patient and family to promote successful outcomes. This course of treatment is delivered in combination with our orthotic department, where custom braces are fabricated.

Yvette Santana, MS, PT, PPI, has received both her Level 1 Certification (a nine-day course) and her Advanced Certification, Level 2 (a six-day course). She has seen 43 patients to date. Maureen Nahorniak, PT, MBA, DPT, PPI, has received her Level 1 Certification and has seen 21 patients. This program is patient specialized. Level 1 patients include those with non-neurological deformities, where Level 2 includes those with neurological curves, post-operative spinal surgeries and adult patients. Patients learn the exercises during outpatient therapy and then practice a home exercise program. Frequency of therapy is patient specific, with updates necessary during periods of rapid growth. 

With exercise compliance, patients are seeing an arrest in the curve progression and postural improvements. Please contact the rehabilitation department at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Springfield for more information on this progressive treatment approach at 413-735-1360.

Schroth 3D exercises

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