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Ellipse nail

Ellipse nail

Ellipse nail treatment

Another lengthening procedure involves surgically inserting a PRECICE intramedullary (IM) nail that can help lengthen the bone through magnetic interaction with a remote control. The external remote controller (ERC) is a portable, handheld device that precisely lengthens the IM nail with the touch of a button. The ERC is fully customizable and can be used in a clinical setting or at home. 

Physical therapy goals

Therapist working with patientFollowing the application of a lengthening or straightening device, patients will attend physical therapy one day after surgery for stretching and strengthening exercises, and ambulation training. The frequency of therapy will be scheduled by your therapist.

Patients will initially begin non-weight bearing walking on level surfaces as tolerated on the involved extremity, with the use of a walker or an alternative assistive device until crutches can eventually be used. Each patient will be instructed in ambulation up and down stairs. As strength and endurance improve, patients will gradually be weaned off the use of assistive devices.

Each patient's compliance with their prescribed therapy program is crucial to the success of the corrective/lengthening procedure.

Parents will be instructed in the patient's physical therapy program and updated as the patient progresses. Parents are required to participate in their child's physical therapy following discharge, as instructed by the therapist.

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