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Happy high fives for Daniel

Making progress, one clinic visit at a time

Happy high fives for Daniel

When Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida opened on the University of South Florida campus in 1985, we never imagined we would provide specialized medical care for more than 60,000 patients. Since then, the skilled physicians and dedicated health professionals have been able to touch the lives of so many children and their families. Through the generosity of our community, we continue to offer specialized medical care regardless of the families’ ability to pay.

Daniel, a second-grader, has been a patient of ours for four years. He was born with arthrogryposis, club feet and a limb length discrepancy; all of which he received care for at our Tampa-based outpatient facility. His medical journey has included bracing from Pediatric Orthotic & Prosthetic Services (POPS) – Southeast, LLC, at Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida, as well as surgical interventions by pediatric orthopaedic surgeon Joseph Khoury, M.D.

“The difference between Daniel’s legs now versus when we first came to [Shriners] is nothing short of amazing,” said Debbie, Daniel’s mother. “I’ve never seen them so straight, and appreciate everything Dr. Khoury did to ensure the best outcome for Daniel.”

Dr. Khoury shares the same enthusiasm for the improvements he has seen in Daniel's legs. So much so, that during his last clinic appointment he gave the Patient Ambassador a high five to celebrate how far he's come. To better appreciate the difference Dr. Khoury and Debbie are referring to here, take a look at the side-by-side photo comparison of Daniel's legs pre and post surgery included below.

Being a single mother, the ability to receive family-centered, wrap-around care is very important to Debbie. She appreciates how Dr. Khoury is always researching and communicating with his colleagues from across our health care system to determine the optimal level of care for her son. “He never settles,” Debbie said. “[And] for that, I am extremely grateful.”

The treatment Daniel receives at our facility allows him to stay active and on the go. A lover of the outdoors, Daniel simply enjoys playing outside: walking, running, volleyball, and even yoga – which he’ll tell you he’s better at than his older sister, Julissa. He also throws a mean Frisbee, but according to his mom, “His aim isn’t always the best inside the house.”

Daniel's feet re and post surgeryDaniel with Dr. Khoury in clinicDaniel with Dr. Khoury in clinic