At Shriners Hospitals for Children, the health and safety of our patients, families, volunteers and staff is our top priority. With the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, we are closely monitoring updates from local health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and are actively following their recommendations.

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What to expect at Shriners Healthcare for Children  — Florida.

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Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services

Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida offers evidence-based pediatric physical, occupational and speech language therapy for children who have orthopaedic and neurological diagnoses that may be related to sports injury or developmental conditions. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, high-quality evaluation and treatment to rehabilitate the child. We believe that every child is entitled to develop physically and mentally to their full potential and lead a life of optimum quality.

Team approach

Specially trained and licensed therapists, including occupational and physical therapists, as well as a speech pathologist, provide one-on-one treatment with a referral from the Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida medical staff. We are part of a dedicated team of health care professionals who work together for the child's recovery or rehabilitation by using many innovative resources, new technology and tools. Functional therapy goals are developed and individualized to meet the needs of the patient, using a family-centered approach to help children reach their maximum potential, improve their function and enhance their quality of life in a child-friendly environment. Therapists work closely with the medical and patient care teams, including the on-site Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services – Southeast, LLC team and seating department to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Specialized treatment

  • Gross and fine motor skill development
  • Strength, power, endurance and flexibility training
  • Gait training with and without assistive devices
  • Pain management
  • Return-to-play athletics training
  • Customized durable medical equipment evaluation, including manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, gait trainers, strollers, bath supports and dressing aids
  • Custom splint fabrication
  • Upper and lower extremity prosthetic training
  • Sensory integration
  • Functional mobility skills to improve independence including transfers, bed mobility and activities of daily living
  • Speech language therapy
  • Augmentative communication
  • Swallowing and feeding interventions

Therapeutic equipment

  • Traverse rock climbing wall
  • Suspension equipment
  • Wii interactive video game systems
  • Game®Cycle
  • Treadmill
  • Lite Gait
  • AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™
  • Stationary, adaptive and recumbent bikes
  • Fluidotherapy
  • Galileo – whole body vibration
  • Ultrasound
  • WalkAide
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

Specialty programs

Armeo®Spring: The Armeo®Spring Pediatric is a state-of-the-art therapy device that supplements conventional therapy for children at least 4 years old with movement impairments in the arms and hands resulting from conditions such as cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injury. Through an adjustable weight support, the arm is exercised in a 3D workspace while playing virtual reality games. The child receives constant feedback and motivation during training. The Armeo®Spring Pediatric can train entire arm movements or focus on individual joints including grip strength.

The Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida medical staff will make a referral for occupational therapy. The occupational therapist will complete an evaluation to determine baseline function and develop goals for therapy, which will include an individualized upper limb training program using the Armeo®Spring Pediatric. The child’s performance for each upper limb motor task can be accurately measured in the computer during each session. This allows the therapist to objectively track the child’s improvement toward their functional goals.

Pediatric Lokomat Pro walking therapy: Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida houses one of the only pediatric Lokomat systems in Florida aimed to assist children (at least 4 years old) and adolescents with their ability to walk and perform functional activities. The Lokomat allows children of various walking abilities to experience:

  • A guided and repeatable walking pattern
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased circulation
  • May reduce complications of immobility