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Upper extremity conditions

Upper extremity conditions

Upper extremity conditions

The hand and wrist consist of dozens of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that need to work seamlessly together in a variety of positions hundreds of times a day. They often require highly specialized medical care when they either become injured or have a pre-existing condition. Shriners Healthcare for Children — Florida provides specialized hand and wrist care to children in Florida and south Georgia. Our fellowship-trained surgeons possess the capability to care for complex wrist and hand conditions, and reconstruction as well as tissue transfer.

Conditions for which we provide care:

  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Hemihypertrophy
  • AC joint separation
  • Little league shoulder
  • Sprengel’s deformity
  • Recurrent Gleno-humeral dislocations
  • Panner’s disease - avascular necrosis of the capitellum
  • Little league elbow
  • Shoulder disarticulation 
  • Ulnar/radial deficiencies
  • Madelung's deformity
  • Keinboks disease
  • Adactyly - absence of hand
  • Clinidactyly
  • Camptodactyly
  • Ectrodactyly - lobster claw hand
  • Mallet finger
  • Macrodactyly
  • Polydactyly - extra fingers
  • Radial club hand
  • Radial hypoplasia
  • Ulnar club hand
  • Trigger thumb

The care for hand and wrist conditions is unique in that it is a true collaboration of form and function. Surgeons and clinical team members create a custom treatment plan for each child with a hand or arm condition. By joining forces early in a child’s diagnosis, our team can work to enhance both the functionality and appearance of a child’s affected hand or arm.